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Our Story

Our information technology journey started during the era of the DEC 780, NeXT and Sun computers.  And looking back it has been an awesome ride building successful and cost-effective solutions for last mile / final mile delivery and logistics networks, manufacturing, telecommunications and health care organizations.

With software development and telecom experience dating back to mid-1980’s, we have seen it all and while the technology has changed, the principles of building high quality, robust and reliable systems has not.  Whether Agile or traditional waterfall methods or mobile, enterprise or embedded applications, we adapt and cater to all environments and we thrive in tackling the hard stuff.

We love the challenge of transforming IT into enterprise-grade organizations that drive business growth to its next level without all the expense and complexity typically encountered.  We work together with our clients to improve business processes and continuously look for low-hanging fruit opportunities.  Frankly, we are very good at it.

Our team of consultants are specialists in their respective areas of expertise and have a track record of integrity, trust and success.  Information technology is a practice of art and science and we apply this experience to create the best possible solutions we can imagine.  We are always up front and transparent with our clients and do not sacrifice our advice and recommendations for popularity and politics.

Simply, we view our clients as partners working together to reach the highest levels of optimal and precision performance and success.

Founding Member

President and CEO

Greg Probst

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