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Giving back to our community...

The Y262 Initiative

Over the years, our team has given back to our community through a variety of missions, including Rotary youth programs and the University of Iowa Dance Marathon (UIDM). Last year, we ran in the Chicago Marathon fundraiser for UIDM and sponsored the UIDM Day to DM 262 miles in 26.2 hours treadmill event. The kiddos that UIDM supports through their fundraising efforts are fighting pediatric cancer every day in their marathon without a break. You can learn more about UIDM by visiting this link.

Y262 is IC Design’s philanthropy program centered on the theme that just like the kiddos fighting cancer, our giving back to the community is also a marathon that does not stop. Y262 focuses on youth-related charity causes from fighting pediatric cancer to making our world better and more peaceful by supporting initiatives like Rotary’s Youth Exchange and Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) programs.

If you are interested in being part of our mission, please contact us at givingback@icdesigns.com.

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