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Final Mile Logistics Solutions

We have been building mission-critical final mile logistics solutions for over a decade for small and large customers and delivery networks. Some of our projects include:

Customer and Delivery Network Data Integration – we know the nuances and challenges of integrating and verifying data integrity with your partners in order to exchange delivery order, routing, delivery status, customer contact information whether it’s via SFTP, XML, JSON, HTTP/S, REST, CSV… We have worked with them all.

Routing – one of the most important aspects of a delivery network and requires efficient integration and configuration. Routing is not a one size fits all, and every delivery agent has their preference. We have worked with numerous routing providers, and we integrate with the routing platform that works best for you.

Customer Care Solutions – contacting and providing excellent customer service is essential to success. Our solutions utilize voice over IP based and call center solutions that are robust, reliable, and feature-rich without long term contracts and expense.

Networks and Information Security – COVID19 has proven that having a good disaster recovery plan, coupled with work from home options, is vital for business continuity. With decades of experience in networking, telecommunications, and cloud technologies, we build solutions that are secure and versatile balanced with your unique business risk.

Cost Effective IT Solutions

Each of our clients has specific IT needs. We do not recommend spending your dollars on implementing costly infrastructure platforms that are expensive to build and maintain. Many open-source cost-effective solutions are just as feature-rich as high-cost commercial applications. 

We successfully use a hybrid of on-premise and reliable cloud services along with open source technologies that positions your IT assets on the revenue side of the budget versus the expense side.

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